Monday, November 5, 2007

Melacca Trip

Well, it has been a while that I haven't written...I know, shame on me...
Of course lots of lots of things happened...So I just write some things now.
Last weekend I was in Melacca. This is a very historical place of Malaysia. There were the fist civilization, by the Dutch trvellers. we could still see building from the Dutch period! Big red buildings, Church and stadthouse and the big stone pieces written in Dutch on them. there are parts which from the Portuguese time, and the British also. These are the 3 nations has occupied these territories. We also tried the tricycle. it was like that one guy was riding the bike, and 2 of us could just sat and staring ourside the world. these tricycle were beautified by flowers and colorful things. some tricycles were really old. i just had the thought that maybe there is like a competiton as well whose tricycle nicer, more attractive. we on them for half an hour. it was 20 RM together, which is around 4 euros, 1000-1100 HUF.
there was also the st.paul'catherdal on a hill. very tiny, looked old. for me, this building somehow brought me back to Hungary, to Eger. the atmosphere reminded me. then from that hill we could see the sea, which was the Balaton for me. Yeah...It was good, but wished to see it more. Sometimes as I am here in Malaysia, connect things back to Hungary and how is the things there and here. Well, its good. I can understand things more after this year, I guess.
Oh, I would also mention the food we ate, satay. this is basically (now I know) can be anything you put on sticks and cook. we went into a place and the cooking part was in the middle of the table. under the table, so that you can see only the top of it. It happened other times also, so wasn't that surprised. then they brought us lots of prepared stickes, there were pork, groceries, eggs, mushroomes, seafood,sausages...etc. on them, so we just had to put into the bowl was there, heating underneath, 1 minutes,and ready, we can eat immediately. it was really nice. a little bit spicy, but OK.
We were also in the Indepepndence House. Melacca was the first placce they have announced the independence of Malaya in 1956. in KL it happened after a year,in 1957. there was a picture about the prime min in the car wawing with hands, they also put voice under it, so that we could hear what he said. MERDAKE, MERDEKA. which means Independence. and the voice of the crowd. somehow that moment I could understood what it means for them, and why everyone was talking about it, specially that this year they have celebrated the 50 anniversary.
Every nation has its own history, and we are proud of it. it is a little bit different in Hungary, I first realized it when I travelled to Serbia nd Turkey in 2004. they were much proud of their nation and history than us. but I hope there are still people who are proud of Hungary and our history and that we are still exist on the same place more than 1100 years now. I am proud.
Then we took a taxi to the bus station as we had to come back to KL soon, that taxi was an old, elegant car. i think i havent been in that one, was really nice.
That was our Melacca trip with Daniel and Padmaka, my housemates and Ayami, my Japanese friend who came back to Malaysia for a while. Nice day:-)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Finally after 1 month I have the time to sit down and write!

This is the first time I have blog, Im not sure about the language of it as I know I have hungarian friends who prefer to read in Hungarian so it might be bilingual, I will see.
So I arrived to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. I will try to write in time order, sometimes it might be hectic, a so many things happened during this 1 month and there are surprising things every day!;-)
About the flight. Actually my luggages has been lost…when I wanted to check-in in Bangkok, they told me they didn’t take my luggage from the previous flight, so I have to take it, when I went back where I couldnt find the luggages, mine wasn’t there!!! I had to run to reach my flight to KL. So I knew that it has been lost…the first week I called all airports every day, I wrote to everyone who can help, was working a lot to get back. There was a very helpful guy at the Bangkok airport (BKK) from Thai Airways, to whom I think I cn thank for my luggages getting back. So after 1 week we had to go to NATCON without my own stuff. One of my team mate, Ariff got a call during NATCON that my luggages landed in KL, so I could go for it after the conference.
First most interesting thing, I went out in BKK imagine, I COULD NOT BREATH!!I FELT LIKE THERE IS A SPACE WITHOUT AIR!it was so hot and humid!!!of course after that I could, but after 10 minutes I went back to the air-conded airport..:-)) so when I landed in KL, I have already known that its gonna be that hot and humid outside, I felt similar, but I think BKK was much more heavy.
I bought NEWSPAPER in BKK which was in thai language, and the retailer was watching me with eyes why Im buying it. I have a habit that I always buy a local newspaper wherever I go If I can. So I have one from BKK and from Johor Bahru so far.
First night I met my team mates at KL Sentral. I arrived here from the airport. They are really funny and of course they started with a joke, they introduced themselves with other names, they has just mixed the names between each other. The surprising thing is that when they told their names I felt strange as well as I have been mailing with many of them earlier and I matched different faces to them, so I surprised but I didn’t think they are joking with their names. One of the team mates looks so Arabic and I thought he is Ariff, but he said a different name and someone else said Ariff. after that we went to a dinner place. during the way James was sitting in the car but he introduce himself as Jasper, so I thought he is jasper. they asked my opinion about James as he was the main point of contact. well i said only good things, so its OK, but you feel how funny it the car i even mentioned that actually for Ariff I thought different guy, abd I told who. later on it turned out that I was right...
during the dinner they asked their names, and I was totally confused, I could not tell them...
the dinner was ok, i dont know what i have eaten, but the drink was Mango Special juice. it was wonderful!!! i have never drunk mango juice. and there were real fruit pieces in it.
the strange thing was that they brought me fork and spoon to eat, no knife.
I though OK, maybe its a special place and they eat with spoon.
the thing is that the other day when we went to have lunch to a shopping centre, they gave me spoon and fork again to eat. so I had to realize that here THEY DONT USE KNIFE AT ALL!!!!
THE KNIFE IS THE SPOON HERE!!!so Im eating with fork and spoon for a month:-)